Duroval Review: Locally Accepted Drug Makes Little Impact in the International Market

Duroval Review

Brand: Duroval

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Valmorca, C. A.

Country of Manufacture: Venezuela

Duroval Package Image

Review and Description

Duroval is an erectile dysfunction medication created by Valmorca C.A. in Venezuela. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men’s sexual health where they are unable, for various reasons to achieve or maintain an erection. The exact cause of this phenomenon in men is unknown. Although some have confessed to struggling from erectile dysfunction since an early age, most men usually encounter this problem much later in life due to the weakness of the contracting and dilating action of their peripheral arteries due to old age, or as a result of stress and other psychological reasons. In order to solve this problem, men started looking for ways to boost their masculinity and that led to the production of Viagra. With the inception of Viagra, several companies all over the world learned about the formula and set to work creating cheaper but not less reliable forms of this drug, to give all men the chance to treat their erectile dysfunction problems.

It should be said, however, that a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is placed only after a thorough examination has been conducted, certifying that the erectile dysfunction being experienced is not linked to any other systemic diseases. In that case, only the treatment of the underlying cause can ensure that the condition is effectively treated.

Duroval contains, like many other generic Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate. This compound is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor which works by increasing blood flow into the penile arteries during sexual stimulation. This happens by the activation of cGMP and the elongation of its action on the penile arteries, causing dilation and an increased blood flow. When this happens, there is definitely a reduction in blood pressure in the system, and this is the reason why Sildenafil must not be taken with other hypotensive agents. Once the arteries are dilated and the patients have adequate blood flow in that area, they are able to maintain an erection easily.

Customer Reviews

There were no reviews to be found about the drug, Duroval. This brings to question the popularity of the medication as well as its efficiency. Upon research, it was found that the manufacturing company, Valmorca C.A. has been established since the year 1959, and since that time, there has been a strict dedication towards the formation of quality and socially relevant medication. Valmorca C.A. has over time created medication set to cure illnesses pertaining, not only to the male reproductive system but also the cardiovascular system, the gynecological and respiratory systems as well. Most of its medications are already FDA approved and available all over Venezuela and its neighboring regions.

Pricing and Dosage

Duroval, as a generic medication comes in 25, 50 and 100mg dose strengths to treat erectile dysfunction at various levels of tolerance of the human organism. Online, 100mg of Duroval goes for about $11.9, making a pack of 4 pills cost a total of $47.9. This price is so much cheaper than the pricing for Viagra with runs into the hundreds of dollars by the time the number of the pills ordered are 2 or more.

Duroval Price

Duroval Price

Duroval needs not to be taken according to any strict regimen as the medication comes in therapeutically relevant doses. It is possible for a patient to take one pill and enjoy its effects. It should be noted that although the positive effects or rather the therapeutic effects of the Duroval are not cumulative, the adverse effects might have a cumulative tendency, thus patients should be careful not to take more than the allocated dose per day.

How to Buy Duroval Online

Due to its large local specialty, it was almost impossible to find Duroval online in many international stores. This further buttresses the point that Duroval is indeed an erectile dysfunction medication for the Venezuelans and those in the Caribbean regions. For those outside this region, it might be a better option to consider taking more popular brands such as Fildena. Fildena is also a sildenafil containing erectile dysfunction drug and it is available everywhere. Fildena is sold for about $3 per pill in the most popular stores. Shipping arrangements and rates are specific to these stores. Our Top Recommended Pharmacies List has vendors with a very large catalog of popular Sildenafil-based generic and brand drugs.

How to Use

Duroval is used just like many other sildenafil medications. This means that it must only be taken under a doctor’s prescription. The recommended dose for otherwise healthy men is 50mg. Due to the difference in the tolerance of the human organism, a few men might need an increased or decreased dose. These dose alterations should only be done by a physician.

The pill is taken in, orally with or without a drink of water. The best time to take it is 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Patients should be careful to take the pill whole, not crushed, and not take more than the recommended dosage within 24 hours.

Side Effects

Headaches, nausea and other dyspeptic symptoms are the common side effects noted by users of Duroval. Other symptoms include facial flushing, back pain, priapism, nasal congestion and alteration of vision and hearing.

Patients who are already taking hypotensive agents for various diseases should stay away from using sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction.

Conclusion with Rating

Duroval, created by Valmorca CA is a locally recognized drug with little or no international influence. It should be understood that this medication should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. The mechanism of action of Duroval is not different from that of other erectile dysfunction medications that contain Sildenafil.

Sildenafil Citrate, being a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor works by increasing blood flow into the penile arteries to enable the men to have erections. This effect can be achieved within an hour of taking Duroval, thus it is advised to take this medication one hour before sexual intercourse.

Almost no reviews were found from users who have had the opportunity to use Duroval. This means that for patients outside Venezuela and its regions should consider looking for other more popular brands to buy. The rating for Duroval is 3 out of 5, based on its poor availability on the international market. This is not a reflection of how the drug operates and its efficacy so patients who do get the chance can use it and be sure to leave a review, so others can benefit.

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